About Us

eDoctor Software is an Egyptian company established in 2018. We’re in the age of Big Data where masses of data are the heart of everything, and the effective management of data will ultimately mean better operational and financial management. Being solution-oriented; we decided to create the change we want to see in the healthcare world by bringing a world-class health information management solution with locally competitive prices to help the hospitals digitize their information processes, harness their assets, increase their revenue and join us in transforming the healthcare experience.

Our Mission

Improve the lives of patients by serving them better holistically.

Our Vision

Digitize and organize the health care industry to make it more data based.

A Word From The Executive Board

The world is turbocharged; it’s survival of the fastest with million bits of data fighting for your attention. Therefore, as living witnesses to the developing paradigm shift resulting from social and technological changes, we took it upon our shoulders and hearts to put together the finest minds and adhere to unforgiving standards in order to create an innovative solution that enables you to digitize your process, increase your revenue and transform your operational and patient care experience. Our HIMS doesn’t only meet global healthcare system demands but is also built upon a solid foundation capable of catering to future trends. eDoctor Software is here to harness all your resources and pave the path for you, for us, towards a brighter future. Are you ready for the leap?